Sell With Us

Bring in your women’s fashion BRANDS in clothes, purses, jewellery, shoes, belts, scarves and other accessories. We’re taking all fashions that are in style now.

We’ll pay cash (only on items we feel we can buy outright), or you may consign!

We’ll look at 20 items each visit, no appointment necessary. We sort through your items in about 10 minutes while you browse the store.

Items must be newer than 2-3 years old, in immaculate condition, freshly laundered and/or dry cleaned, and stain free. We also prefer items made with natural fabrics (i.e. cotton, silk, linen, hemp etc). Please bring in your items folded in a bag. We do not take boxes or hangers. We take sizes xs-xxl. Please view our guide and video on how to pre-inspect your items before bringing in your dropoff.

We are currently accepting SPRING/SUMMER items.

We reserve the right to call back for pickup or donate items that have been found to have flaws (which we did not notice during the time of dropoff).

PLEASE NOTE: We sometimes have to turn down items that do meet our criteria for reasons other than stated here. Once example is that we might have too much of that type of brand or item in stock!


You make 40% of the tag price. When the items sell, the money is placed on your consignment account. You can cash out anytime, or use it as credit toward store purchases.

Consigned items are on the floor for 60 days, after which they are donated to a local charity. It you wish to pick them up before the donation period, you may do so at any time.

All details of the consignment agreement, including mark-downs, donation policy, etc., are located in our Consignment Contract, which every consignor must sign.

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